Car Services


Car Services

GTS services provide wheel alignments, wheel balancing with the addition of a full range of alloys, audio equipment, car accessiories and Bridgestone merchandise.

Our aim is to provide a customer friendly, value for money, speedy service to all.

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lightservicepicLight Service

At our centre we carry out a light service and mot including break pads, oil filter change and  checking essential items such as fluid levels and battery. This helps maintain the car, reduces the risk of breakdown and maintains the value of the car.



Puncture Repair

Repairing a tyre is not as straightforward as you might think. Tyre repairs are covered by  The British Standard, which defines limits of location, size and number of repairs that can be  carried out and makes recommendations also on the repair materials to be used. A tyre must always be thoroughly checked after being removed from the vehicle and rim before it is repaired to ensure the correct repair is carried out with the British Standard Materials.



                                   Alloy Wheel Repair

** You Bend It We straighten it **

We have experienced staff on site to deal with any alloy problems, whether it needs welding or straightening it can all be done on site & in some cases whilst you wait.




It is important that you get your brakes checked regularly to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Our free brake inspection includes removing the front wheels, checking the pads and discs, callipers and pipes. These thorough checks and our commitment to fitting brakes of the original equipment standards means that  we provide the best possible restoration to the condition, efficiency and safety of your braking system.



wheel-balancingpicWheel Balancing

Wheels that are not balanced or are out of balance can cause unpleasant vibrations that are uncomfortable to drive in and results in unnecessary wear to the suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres. The first sign of this imbalance can be a wobble in your car above a certain speed but often a driver will not notice it, vehicle weight can contribute to this.

Our trained staff and expert machinery calculate the weight and location of the balance counter weight, ensuring vehicle safety and performance.


wheel-alignmentpicWheel Alignment

Incorrect alignment can result in your car experiencing road holding problems, which can also cause unnecessary damage to your tyres. You should get your alignment checked regularly, after hitting a pothole or a kerb to ensure that it is not off. An uneven tyre is a strong indicator of an alignment problem.



Motorcycle Services

We have an extensive range of tyres and services available for motorcycles, our specialist staff are experienced in fitting, servicing and repairing motorcycle tyres as well as advising the best type of tyre to suit as well as maintenance advice.